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This is my art blog dealy which I update a hell of a lot more than my DeviantArt (are you even surprised?) so you could totally get a way with watching this and never touch DA which is really neat.
  • Ordered a couple goodies from JetPens! I haven’t used illustration nibs in a looooong time so my lines are really shaky. (Actually I haven’t properly attempted to ink something in a long time… I should fix that!)

    Everything here is from Kuretake (except the Boxy eraser), which I’ve taken a great fondness too recently. The ink is probably the best I’ve come across, I like it even more than Copic or Sakura Microns. Their Manga-ka pens are really good too, not to mention heinously cheap. They don’t go below 01 for nib size, but I highly recommend it. Like, It’s just really good black ink. I know a lot of artists who swear by other brands but Kuretake just hits all the right chords with me. 

    (Their brush pens are quality too! More expensive and more fickle in practice, but oh-so-beautiful strokes hnnngggg~) 

    Yes I am fangirling over ink *dreamy sigh*

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