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This is my art blog dealy which I update a hell of a lot more than my DeviantArt (are you even surprised?) so you could totally get a way with watching this and never touch DA which is really neat.
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    Colored version of this

    And there’s a coloured version too aaaahhhhhhh/// 

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    So I loved this design enough to draw it. I’m such a sucker for magical girls!

    Edit: Colored version!  

    There was fanart of Bianca and I never knew I’m so happy  thank you so much~~~ ///;v;/// 

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  • With the power of the KitchenAid, Meggu has unlocked THE BREADENING achievement! I have also used up all the yeast my sister left behind in the process. Heh.

  • There was this ridiculous sunset was going down when I got off the bus this evening, and it was 10x more magenta than this (sunbeams all over the place). My phone wasn’t doing it justice so I popped inside to grab my camera, but by the time I got back outside a lot of the light has already shifted/faded. So this barely captures how awesome of a sunset it actually was, but it’s still a wicked sight. 

  • "I ignored my own special fireproof litterbox and pooped in the cat’s litterbox, setting it on fire as a result."

  • Alright so after spending 10 hours in emergency care (Actually, 5 hours in EC, and then another 5 at Rocky View), and answering 20 questions 20 times with 20 different nurses and doctors and paramedics, getting x-rays, ultrasounds, and then finally a CT scan, plus a drip of morphine which BARELY quelled the pain… it turns out I got my first gallstone! It’s only the one, and luckily, (strangely) there aren’t any others, so I don’t have to get my gallbladder removed. (woohoo!) Luckily it’s almost done it’s Pain Parade so I can get away with taking painkillers and sitting at home in a drugged daze. However, if this little bastard decides to try and make a grand exit out of the wrong hole, I need to go in to emergency surgery. Whoo! Anyways, TMI for a lot of you I’m sure, but at least you know now? While we were waiting for my prescriptions at Shopper’s, I went around saying goodbye to all the awesome food in the aisles. (Goodbye Haagnedaaz, goodbye black and white popcorn, goodbye reese cups, goodbye creamy coffee~)

    Dave was amused, at least.

  • One of these days I’ll actually paint people as nicely as I painted that grass. :T

    I keep calling the krogan baby Krogrunk in my head so now I’m imagining Grunt giving one of his kids to Shep because hi hello battle master/mama wants to adopt a kid and is thinking of a krogan, what an honor it would be if she could take care of one of his! (So I guess in a way this is tech. their grandkid??) Grunt named it Grunk because he’s not very imaginative with names. Garrus kind of likes the name Alexander, after creeping on human history and coming across it. Alexander Grunk is an awful fucking name. Shepard laughs and rolls with it.

    I am awful at headcanons I’m so sorry. 


  • I wouldn’t hurt a fly!… On purpose at any rate. :x


  • More Mass Effect! It’s Samara’s turn! >:-0

    Her outfit looks like she’s wearing a skin-tight strawberry so …. Badass strawberry artwork it is! :9 This was going to have a lighter atmosphere but I couldn’t make it work. Ah well, most of my stuff is light, might as well make something bold for once.

    I haven’t worked with soft brushes in a while so the fact this turned out so well feels good. Could do without the anatomical malfunctions but that’s a struggle for another day.

  • What a dedicated couple…

    And yes this is based off this:

  • I finished the trilogy this weekend and let me tell you I have far too much fanart to make you hear me??? (രᴗര๑)


  • "We been inking other inklings asses for so long, I figured it’s time we got ours inked."

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